Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine

The University of Debrecen has announced an international annual prize in molecular medicine in 2003. The „Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine” is offered to encourage and recognize extraordinary and sustained contributions to biomedical research. This prestigious award will be awarded by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen each fall to a scientist, or group, whose work has lead to significant advances in the fields of molecular medicine with demonstrated benefits applied to improved patient care. The annual award will be 10,000 Euro. The nominations will be evaluated by a twelve member nomination committee comprised of preeminent medical scholars, physicians, professors and biomedical researchers.

Purpose: To encourage and recognize extraordinary and sustained contributions to improving and promoting innovative biomedical research. Eligibility: Any scientist or group whose work has led to significant advances in the fields of molecular medicine with demonstrated benefits applied to improved patient care.

Award Criteria: This award has been created to provide international recognition to a scientist, or scientists, who have made extraordinary and sustained leadership contributions to innovative biomedical research. Each year’s Award winner will have demonstrated significant outcomes that offer medical value of international importance. Award winner activities will include basic science investigations and clinical research leading to new discoveries and improved clinical outcomes.

Those honoured will be scientists whose accomplishments and outcomes have been demonstrated with preference to accomplishments in the past decade. The recipient has full discretionary use of the Award, although it is the Award Committee’s hope that at least a portion of the award will be used to advance further positive outcomes in his or her field of expertise.

Nominations: Nominations for the Debrecen Award for Molecular Medicine will be accepted through May 15. A letter of nomination must include a description of the nominee’s extraordinary or sustained contribution to innovative biomedical research. The Selection Committee also requests two additional letters of support for each nomination, as well as the curriculum vitae of each person nominated, with bibliography of important publications and articles. No self nominations will be accepted. The selection of the winner will be decided by secret vote of the Full Professors of the Faculty of Medicine.

Award Ceremony: The annual presentation of this award with an inaugural lecture will take place in November or in December, in Debrecen.


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